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Ch’an Master Yan Yun Assists Orphaned Children Achieve Their Dreams! (23.6.2013)

Ch'an Master Yan Yun - Shaanxi The full Chinese-language title of this article translates as ‘The Seal of Ancestral Lord Buddha Chanting Hall Hosts  Ch’an  Master Yan Yun as He Participates in the “Caring for Left-Behind Children” and the ‘China Dream’ Activities!’ The former addresses the positive development of children with no parents – whilst the latter is a re-stating of the drive to improve the lives of ALL Chinese people born and/or living in ‘New’ China! Orphaned children in ‘New’ China should not be considered to be at a disadvantage – but can use all the opportunities their status provides to improve their prospects and assist society for the betterment of all. This is possible because the Chinese government provides every possible support and incentive for social, cultural and political development through the ‘China Dream’ initiative.    Young Chinese Children - Always Respectful This ‘Puja’ activity was initiated by the ‘ Weinan ’ ( 渭南 ) Monastery ( 寺院  - ‘Si Yuan’), s

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