WHO Investigation in China and the Racist Media Reaction in the West!

For over a year, I have been discussing with my Comrades in China about the possible origins of Covid19. The Communist Party of China (CPC) has facilitated, trained and promoted some of the most competent, creative and highly reliable scientific thinkers in the world! However, the US Cold War disinformation has always presented the ‘superior’ achievements of Scientific Socialism to be the product of ‘enforced’ ideological enslavement to Marxist-Leninism and the product of flawed developmental narratives. This anti-intellectual narrative has held sway as a means to ‘camouflage’ the failure of the predatory capitalist system to effectively ‘compete’ with its Socialist counter-part. The irony being that scientists (and academics in general) in the West strictly conform to a bourgeois paradigm from which their research cannot depart, criticise or transcend. By an act of deliberation, ALL Western academia wilfully conforms to the bourgeois world-view and does not dare to ‘question’ its validity. Any Western academic who dares to ‘push the envelope’ in any way beyond the accepted boundary of ideological acceptance risks being sacked and permanently unemployed! 

This is true even if academic research trajectories should logically take the academic far beyond the accepted academic (bourgeois) boundaries and effectively define a completely ‘new’ way of viewing something. Within the capitalist, (bourgeois) system, such research work is not permitted. This self-limiting system of validation yet again ‘proves’ how bourgeois science is ‘limited’ to the mind-set that currently controls the means of production in the west – namely the bourgeoisie!  The academic system in the West conforms to the capitalist (bourgeois) ideology of the world, and as ALL political party's competing for power in the liberal, democratic system are thoroughly ‘bourgeois’ - all these tenured academics are remaining thoroughly ‘loyal’ to the middle-class view of reality and its limited understanding of how the cosmos might function! Socialist science does not reject the Bonafide accomplishments of bourgeoise science – on the contrary – all legitimate scientific accomplishment is used to make life ‘better’ for humanity, but Socialist science permits the entirety of society to participate within its all-round development from the poorest peasants to the wealthiest worker! Everyone is welcome to contribute ideas which are then filtered and refined through the process of dialectical assessment by experts and those with more experience. This is how Socialist science assists the development of the people! 

The Western media, of course, continues its pro-fascist brain-washing of all things ‘Chinese’ through its ‘Eurocentric’ (racist) reporting. It is currently engaged in a desperate mission of minutely ‘filtering’ through every word that WHO issues regarding its investigations into the assumed and possible origins of Covid19 in China. As this process has unfolded, and the racist lies have rolled-off the conveyor-belt of Fleet Street in the UK – none of these lies are a) admitted as such, or b) withdrawn as incorrect. This process of misrepresentation has not only involved ‘lying’ about China at every turn, but has also fabricated statements from WHO that go unchecked within the popular press (despite WHO refuting these ‘lies’ in their voluminous Reports which many have no patience to read and rely upon the mainstream press to present in an easily understandable and shortened format). The Chinese government, according to AFP, the Daily Telegraph, the Daily Mail, the Guardian, The Express, Al Jazeera and The Times, etc, has acted in an uncooperative and totalitarian manner during the visit of WHO. What does WHO say? The Chinese government has fully cooperated and behaved impeccably. The Chinese government has ‘threatened’ witnesses. WHO states that its officers had access to any who wanted to give evidence without prior arrangement or limitation. Not one Chinese citizen spoke of being ‘forced’ in any way. The Chinese government would not allow ‘full’ access to the virology lab at the centre of the controversy. WHO states that it received ‘full’ access and security clearance to ALL staff and areas of the virology lab concerned. The Chinese government tried to prevent access to the ‘wet’ markets in Wuhan. WHO stated that its officers travelled wherever and whenever they wanted – always being greeted by friendly Chinese citizens willing to help and assist. The Chinese government stage-managed the interviews with surviving members of families who have lost loved-ones to Covid19. WHO stated that their officers interviewed any one they wished without prior arrangement or appointment. WHO officers were ‘touched’ by the continuous kindness and concern they received from the Chinese people who were very grateful that they had risked their lives to travel during this pandemic and try to assist China! In-short, WHO did not support or legitimise any of the racist lies perpetuated by the anti-China Western media! Without exception, all Western lies were proven as ‘lies’ - and yet none of this victory of ‘truth’ over ‘racism’ will make it into the Western media! This is exactly why this blog exists! 


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